It's the best I've ever used and trust me I have used a couple. It doesn't leave you skin looking greasy yet it moisturizes. With coconut and almond oil your skin is left looking radiant and healthy. I already see results in less than 1 week of usage. Definitely our heritage #sheagold #wononi - 
Elizabeth Mate-Kole 

My favorite Shea butter that I've bought. Really creamy and melts right into your skin or hair. My mom and sister love it as well! Nicole is also such a nice and genuine person, so it's great to know you're buying from a wonderful person who is deeply connected to the source of her product. -
Marlana Zink

Shea Gold is awesome!! I bought some last week at a farmer's market and bought another one in a week! I will probably be using this stuff for the rest of my life--amazing moisturizer, smells delightful, and all natural!-
Katie Kraft


Shea Gold is one of the best skin products I've ever used. It's lightweight, non-greasy and smells amazing. Will definitely buy again :) - 
Chiamaka Anonyuo

Great for all skin types! Most lotions actually have alcohol in them that dry out for skin- this Shea butter is all natural and won't do that! Gotta have it! - 
Christine Dunson

Smells amazing!!! I use it for skin and hair and it Works great for both! I Definitely would recommend Wononi!- 
Ida Adjivon

Shea Gold is wonderful! I use it everyday on my skin. It's a great moisturizer. It's great for hair too, and smells amazing! I love that it's all natural. -
Emani Pollard


The smell is fantastic! It feels amazing on my skin. I apply Shea Gold on my skin every night.-
Kelly Jiang

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