WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics is an organic skin care company with a mission to encourage people to embrace their skin, heritage and self. WƆ NƆ Ni means Things That Are Indigenously Ours or It Is For Us in Ga, one of the local Ghanaian languages. The name was inspired by a need to encourage Ghanaians, and Africans to use what is indigenously ours.

When it comes to skin, our number one product Shea Gold is a locally made organic body butter. It contains natural Shea butter, coconut oil, and almond oil.  Not only is it a good moisturizer, Shea Gold has proven to have several healing properties. It helps soften the skin, heal sunburns, and prevent stretch marks and wrinkles. 

Meet The Founder

"It is my hope that today, you will become a part the WƆ NƆ Ni family and be a blessing not only to yourself and your skin, but to the women and children of Ghana."


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