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My name is Nicole Naa Adoley Mensa and I am the founder of WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics. The name WƆ NƆ Ni means "things that are indigenously ours" or "it is for us". When I founded WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics in July 2015, my sole mission was to encourage Ghanaians to use skin care products made by and for us. I have a deep passion for my nation and people. Hence, it is my hope that all my endeavors will cohesively encourage the development of Ghana and Africa as a whole.


Over the past few years, I have noticed how despite the fact that shea butter is easily accessible in Ghana, Ghanaians heavily purchase imported shea butter products and cosmetic brands because of the unspoken notion that anything foreign is better. Indeed my family was also guilty of this trend and for years we bought overpriced shea butter products from stores like the Body Shop and Lush in the USA, despite the fact that we lived in Ghana and could buy shea butter in any market within walking distance. 

With the commencement of WƆ NƆ Ni Cosmetics in July 2015, I wanted to provide excellent, affordable and organic skin care products that are produced in Ghana and do wonders for ALL skin types. Although I am currently a student, I make all the products myself and a lot of thought goes into the name of every product and the ingredients it contains. Our facial serum, The Story Teller, gets its name from baobab oil, its primary ingredient. The baobab tree, commonly known as the upside-down tree, is an icon of the African landscape. Once upon a time, our forefathers would gather around these trees and pass on stories and songs to the younger generation. Indeed I believe that just as my ancestors told stories under the baobab tree, so will you also tell stories about the transformation of your skin.  


WƆ NƆ Ni is a brand that espouses the values of Pan-Africanism, Community and Service. At the moment, we support a women's shea butter cooperative in the Northern Region of Ghana. These women are hardworking, inspiring farmers and entrepreneurs and many of them are the breadwinners of their families. Concurrently, a percentage of our profits go towards ProjectHEY (Helping to Educate the Youth), a Ghanaian NGO that seeks to educate underprivileged youth using Information and Communications Technology. In a world where computers are becoming an everyday necessity, many underprivileged Ghanaian students have never even seen a computer before. ProjectHEY seeks to broaden the minds and worlds of these students using ICT. Here at WƆ NƆ Ni, we believe in the power of education and development.


Finally, it is my hope that today, you will become a part of the WƆ NƆ Ni family and be a blessing not only to yourself and your skin, but to the women and children of Ghana.


God bless you.

Nicole Naa Adoley Mensa
Cornell University ’17 
Economics and Africana Studies Major

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